About the restaurant

The 19th century building in which “Stare Hercegovina” is placed, is owned by the company “Višnjica restaurants d.o.o.”. The restaurant is divided in three areas consisting of the main hall and two lounges, which are respectably named after two regions of Hercegovina – Travunija and Zahumlje. Indoor of the restaurant has an approximate capacity of  250 seats, and in the summer period when garden is in function, has approximately capacity of  380 seats. On the restaurant’s walls, there are pictures of famous Hercegovians – St. Sava (whose ancestors come from that area), St. Vasilije of Ostrog, poet Aleksa Šantić, poet Jovan Dučić and many others.

Restaurant / pub “Stare Hercegovina” is operating under this name since 1991.  Before that time, it was known as “Skopje”. Beside the change of the name, the concept of the restaurant was changed as well and today’s menu mostly promotes native Hercegovina and Serbian traditional dishes. This is a cult restaurant with a wide range of specially selected and prepared specialties. In this Belgrade restaurant, you must try a traditional meal called Raštan (it is a plant from the cabbage family which grows in areas of southern Hercegovina and Dalmatia, which is cooked with meat and it is a traditional specialty). Also we suggest goat cheese served with cooked potatoes prepared in biletian way, prosciutto from Hercegovina and cheese from Zubac. Beside food the restaurant offers famous Hercegovinian wines such as “Žilavka” wine from the cellar Anđelić, Ratković and Vukoje and famous red wine product of the Orthodox monastery.

Restaurant / pub “Stare Hercegovina” is a popular meeting place for the art world, athletes, politicians and businessmen. The restaurant’s walls are honored with the portraits of famous Hercegovinian intellectuals among which is of a great poet Momo Kapor. Momo Kapor was a frequent guest of the restaurant, and in 1991. it was he who had the honor to declare opening of the restaurant. There is no artist or writer who has written so many nice stories about bohemic life connected to Belgrade cafés as Kapor did.

Thanks to the visitors of the largest and most important tourist site in the world, Trip Advisor,  restaurant / pub “Stare Hercegovina” was marked with 4.5 out of a maximum 5 points. Owing to this restaurant “Stare Hercegovina” received a certificate of excellence for 2012., reserved only for the best in this line of business.

For us it is important that our guests feel welcome, greeted and treated with traditional hospitality. This is one of the main reasons why our guests keep coming back recognizing the quality of food, enjoying traditional Hercegovinian atmosphere and meticulous service.